It‘ll get better.

Doing this thing allows me to experience so much stuff right now. On one day I‘m playing a show at a public swimming pool, the next I‘m playing in the courtyard of a former nazi prison, which later became a deportation prison. It is really interesting to be able to stretch the little punk-show-routine I got used to by playing in a punk band and watching shitloads of punk bands play a tiny bit, just by reducing equipment to a absolute minimum and therefore being able to play when and where i want to play. I can explore new ways of doing things and learn a lot about myself. Thanks again to everyone who takes part and makes this possible. In detail, this time this would be the lovely Frankfurt Squad and once again all the people who did listen.

So now there are two more shows in august, first at a brunch – this is obviously an early show! – with the two nice guys in Somewhere Safe at the Oetinger Villa in Darmstadt and then with Mevrsavlt in Frankfurt. We are not sure, where and how it’s going to go down, but it will. And then after that – i think for the first time this year – there is no show scheduled. If you think you‘re in the position and willing to change that fact, drop me an e-mail!

Maybe I should start these posts with „Dear Diary“ in the future. Until then: