It’s getting worse.

Hey friends,

I‘m taking a break.

Haha, but seriously: due to a being-hit-by-a-motorcycle-situation I sadly have to cancel my two upcoming shows in Darmstadt and Stuttgart. It’s breaking my heart, not only because these two places are so nice and I had to cancel shows at both of them before, but also because my friends in Rollergirls are having a party to celebrate the release of their first LP and now I can‘t be part of that. So, bummer!

For the sake of this post not being totally pessimistic and negative, I‘m gonna add this little treat:

This video was taken by inaleaguewithsatan when I played the Baracke in M√ľnster in july together with Mevrsavlt, The Gembrokers and Blackbird Raum. Of course it had to be the song in which i fuck up, haha. But that’s live! (At least I‘m not running out of cheap jokes.)

Love, xWBPx