Acoustic songwriter awesomeness.

The mandatory break is over for a while now but I always forgot to update this. There weren‘t any exciting news in the past months anyway so that could not have been any harm.
So I got asked to play the (We built the world and) Miss The Stars Fest in Berlin on pretty short notice together with my friends in Masada and the other three quarters of I Refuse. If you‘re in Berlin come by, I‘m playing first and will have to live up to the description „Acoustic songwriter awesomeness“.
Also I have some other plans for the rest of the year, one of which is recording my demotape and the other two include Mevrsavlt as I‘m going to tour with him in late july and later this year record a split-something with him.
Aside from these plans I want to play shows, so if you want to put me on one just drop me a line!

Blablabla, sincerely yours.

Problems, White Boy