White Boy Problems http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de Wed, 04 Nov 2015 21:04:33 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v= en i.d.k.o.k http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2015/11/04/i-d-k-o-k/ http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2015/11/04/i-d-k-o-k/#comments Wed, 04 Nov 2015 21:04:33 +0000 Administrator Allgemein http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2015/11/04/i-d-k-o-k/ I really do not know what this is right now. If I figure it out, there might be something. Until then, not so much.
Shout out to the few that might care.

Rock‘N'Lol http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2014/08/22/rocknlol/ http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2014/08/22/rocknlol/#comments Fri, 22 Aug 2014 21:37:29 +0000 Administrator Allgemein http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2014/08/22/rocknlol/ So this little tour was nice, but if it wasn‘t for a nice little surprise I would not yet again do a blogpost about myself.
Thanks to Dawid Horodecki who recorded my full set in Krakow, there is now something pretty close to White Boy Problems recordings. So thanks again, Dawid!

White Boy Problems (cały set) from Dawid Horodecki on Vimeo.

For fans of sad songs and lots of weird reverb.

And it’s summer again! http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2014/08/14/and-its-summer-again/ http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2014/08/14/and-its-summer-again/#comments Thu, 14 Aug 2014 15:42:07 +0000 Administrator Allgemein http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2014/08/14/and-its-summer-again/ Yo folx,

I‘m heading out with my beloved Rollergirls for four shows in Nürnberg, Plzen, Krakow and Prague starting sunday and will be playing what I think are probably the saddest songs I ever wrote.
Who would wanna miss that, right?

Catch us if u can,

Acoustic songwriter awesomeness. http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2014/05/04/acoustic-songwriter-awesomeness/ http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2014/05/04/acoustic-songwriter-awesomeness/#comments Sun, 04 May 2014 18:15:56 +0000 Administrator Allgemein http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2014/05/04/acoustic-songwriter-awesomeness/ The mandatory break is over for a while now but I always forgot to update this. There weren‘t any exciting news in the past months anyway so that could not have been any harm.
So I got asked to play the (We built the world and) Miss The Stars Fest in Berlin on pretty short notice together with my friends in Masada and the other three quarters of I Refuse. If you‘re in Berlin come by, I‘m playing first and will have to live up to the description „Acoustic songwriter awesomeness“.
Also I have some other plans for the rest of the year, one of which is recording my demotape and the other two include Mevrsavlt as I‘m going to tour with him in late july and later this year record a split-something with him.
Aside from these plans I want to play shows, so if you want to put me on one just drop me a line!

Blablabla, sincerely yours.

Problems, White Boy

It’s getting worse. http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/11/13/itll-get-worse/ http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/11/13/itll-get-worse/#comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 21:21:18 +0000 Administrator Allgemein http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/11/13/itll-get-worse/ Hey friends,

I‘m taking a break.

Haha, but seriously: due to a being-hit-by-a-motorcycle-situation I sadly have to cancel my two upcoming shows in Darmstadt and Stuttgart. It’s breaking my heart, not only because these two places are so nice and I had to cancel shows at both of them before, but also because my friends in Rollergirls are having a party to celebrate the release of their first LP and now I can‘t be part of that. So, bummer!

For the sake of this post not being totally pessimistic and negative, I‘m gonna add this little treat:

This video was taken by inaleaguewithsatan when I played the Baracke in Münster in july together with Mevrsavlt, The Gembrokers and Blackbird Raum. Of course it had to be the song in which i fuck up, haha. But that’s live! (At least I‘m not running out of cheap jokes.)

Love, xWBPx

It‘ll get better. http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/08/07/itll-get-better/ http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/08/07/itll-get-better/#comments Wed, 07 Aug 2013 00:43:58 +0000 Administrator Allgemein http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/08/07/itll-get-better/ Wow!
Doing this thing allows me to experience so much stuff right now. On one day I‘m playing a show at a public swimming pool, the next I‘m playing in the courtyard of a former nazi prison, which later became a deportation prison. It is really interesting to be able to stretch the little punk-show-routine I got used to by playing in a punk band and watching shitloads of punk bands play a tiny bit, just by reducing equipment to a absolute minimum and therefore being able to play when and where i want to play. I can explore new ways of doing things and learn a lot about myself. Thanks again to everyone who takes part and makes this possible. In detail, this time this would be the lovely Frankfurt Squad and once again all the people who did listen.

So now there are two more shows in august, first at a brunch – this is obviously an early show! – with the two nice guys in Somewhere Safe at the Oetinger Villa in Darmstadt and then with Mevrsavlt in Frankfurt. We are not sure, where and how it’s going to go down, but it will. And then after that – i think for the first time this year – there is no show scheduled. If you think you‘re in the position and willing to change that fact, drop me an e-mail!

Maybe I should start these posts with „Dear Diary“ in the future. Until then:


I love huge crowds. http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/07/17/i-love-huge-crowds/ http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/07/17/i-love-huge-crowds/#comments Wed, 17 Jul 2013 09:13:49 +0000 Administrator Allgemein http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/07/17/i-love-huge-crowds/ I‘ll cut the long story short: The last three shows with Mevrsavlt and especially the time between them were loads of fun and i want to thank everyone who was involved in any way to make this weekend as good as it was! Good times!

By the way, who bought the Yage 10inch? Phil wanted to buy that.

And if you‘re in cologne: don‘t miss out on going to the Music Store and playing and falling in love with shit you can never afford, hahaha.

See you around.

You seem grey sometimes, but that’s okay. http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/06/29/you-seem-grey-sometimes-but-thats-okay/ http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/06/29/you-seem-grey-sometimes-but-thats-okay/#comments Sat, 29 Jun 2013 13:44:11 +0000 Administrator Allgemein http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/06/29/you-seem-grey-sometimes-but-thats-okay/ Hey friends,

I still have no recordings of my songs but here’s something: I put up the lyrics to my songs in a new section on this little blog of mine. So go and check out the „Words“ section, if you want to.

Also I have some new shows confirmed, three of them with Meursault and one of them also with Toby Foster, which is great. In fact they (among others of course) were pretty inspirational for me, when i figured out White Boy Problems. If you‘re near one of these shows, the offer stands as always: Come by, let’s hang out!

Thanks everybody for (repeatedly) giving me the opporunity to do this!


Honest embraces. http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/04/11/honest-embraces/ http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/04/11/honest-embraces/#comments Thu, 11 Apr 2013 17:15:37 +0000 Administrator Allgemein http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/04/11/honest-embraces/ In case anyone wondered, my tiny trip with the lovely Rollergirls went really great. We‘re already making some little plans for future stuff together.
So thanks for being such handsome and nice guys! Also thanks to Antigone Shows and Friesenterz for letting me play, eat, drink, and so on.

I will definitely try to make up for the cancelled shows of the march tour, by the way. I just have to find some new dates with the people there, but I think it will happen.

As people have kept asking for recordings lately, I can only say that I will of course record my songs, but I can‘t make any promises when this is going to happen. BUT, if you want to hear them, I would love to play your local squat, your living room, a beach, you name it. So if you wanna put up a show, just e-mail me and we‘ll work something out.

Ah and if you‘re into god or some other superheroes that are able to manage stuff like this, please pray for summer to come, I‘m so done with this weather!

A l‘autre. http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/03/14/a-lautre/ http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/03/14/a-lautre/#comments Thu, 14 Mar 2013 15:23:56 +0000 Administrator Allgemein http://whiteboyproblems.blogsport.de/2013/03/14/a-lautre/ Hey,

as my throat recovers very slowly I had to cancel all the remaining dates of the tour since the 8th of march. Bummer.
Still I played a nice tour until then and I want to thank all the beautiful people who put up a show for us and provided us with food and a place to stay. Thank you all so much! It has been a great experience for me anyway and I‘m very grateful that I had the chance to do this in such an early stage of this project.

Right now, I‘m trying to be very positive about my weekend trip with Rollergirls from Darmstadt and I think it’s possible to play these Shows. (But come by anyway, Cologne will be with the amazing Hysterese!)

See you around!